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Merio at Milipol show 2019

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With a huge investment in R&D, MERIO has quickly put on the market an innovative and complete solution for image processing, to complete the range of compact and high performance gyro stabilised gimbals.

MERIO is now offering a full image processing system for the video operator, including the VIPER module (available in 3 variants) for on-board image processing and GCS software for image display, recording, controlling the gimbal as well as mapping functions.

This solution benefits from the same MERIO key features as the gimbals: very good operational quality and affordable.

Performing duo VIPER and GCS

VIPER brings full functionalities for automatic target detection and tracking, based on high resolution video streams, with the capability to process the visible or the IR channel, both being available simultaneously. VIPER provides many functions in one unit:

  • converts the 2 video streams over Ethernet,
  • manages meta data (STANAG 4609),
  • allows on-board snapshot and video recording,
  • integrates a GPS.
For specific applications, such as long range surveillance with aerostat, the VIPER DG version with 2 antennas GPS, provide accurate heading in order to compute precise geo-localisation of the target.

Combined with GCS software that controls the gimbal and the sensors, VIPER functions are easily accessible and available in real-time.

When importing maps and 3D terrain models, GCS provides localisation of the gimbal and the targets on the map, just to mention just a few capabilities (POI management, LRF control and coordinates etc…).

The new range high performance – harsh environment

Developed upon the expertise acquired with the « classical » range of gimbals, this new line with 2 arms structure features 2 models: the M25 integrating a cooled IR sensor for very long range and the L20 with high-resolution XGA IR sensor and dual FOV lens. This new range allows to provide a solution for long range observation on any type of aerial, ground or naval platform with unrivalled image quality.
High performances for small UAVs 

In 2019, the smaller of the TEMIS range with 750g receives a full HD sensor 1920x1080pixels, with continuous optical zoom x10. The TEMIS can also integrate simultaneously an IR sensor 640x480p and a laser pointer, visible or IR. 3 sensors in less than 12cm diameter.
Please come visit us on our booth n°5E149, we will exhibit the models TEMIS M25 / L20 / XL16.
Our partners exhibiting MERIO gimbals in MILIPOL:
  • ELISTAIR – Stand 5D 152 / / TEMIS XL
  • NAVAL GROUP – Stand 5C 167 - Merio équipe avec une caméra TEMIS XL, l'USV de la société SIREHNA, filiale à  100 % de  Naval Group. Son drone de surface sera présenté  lors du salon Milipol (Stand 5C 167)
  • GSSI – Stand 5S 180  / / TEMIS XL
  • DRONE VOLT – Stand 5F 179 / TEMIS XL

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