MERIO is a french designer and manufacturer of high-performance, light-weight and multi-sensors gimbals.

About company
MERIO offers a wide range of gimbals dedicated to all types of air, land and sea applications (surveillance, intelligence/coastal/border, target detection, ISR missions, civil security) and all types of carrier (UAV, helicopters, tethered balloons, UGV, zodiac & USV...).
Our TEMIS range extends from our COMPACT (550gr dual EO/IR sensors for ultra-mobile applications) to our TEMIS M25 (5.4kg full HD EO & cooled IR MWIR for long-range intelligence). Our expertise also lies in our ability to develop tailor-made solutions, adapted to our customer's need.
About Us

Z.A Saint Restitut - 85 ch. Solérieux
26130 Saint-Restitut - FRANCE
Tel : +33(0)4 28 37 00 27

Merio design and produce high performances gyrostabilised gimbal of less than 6 kgs.

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