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MERIO - Services


We bring you a technical quality support and reactive throughout the use of products MERIO
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Integration support

MERIO expertise in gimbal and other system components integration allow to the platform manufacturer or to the user to receive equipment adapted to the needs and fully operational


MERIO offers training sessions for gimbal operators and also to technicians for the technical support of the equipment

Custom-made development

Internal development capability and technology bricks already available allow MERIO to quickly answer specific needs for controlled costs.

Warranty extension

For customers requiring warranty extension of the products, MERIO offers annual warranty extension as well as preventive maintenance process adapted to each piece of equipment.

About Us

Z.A Saint Restitut - 85 ch. Solérieux
26130 Saint-Restitut - FRANCE
Tel : +33(0)4 28 37 00 27

Merio design and produce high performances gyrostabilised gimbal of less than 10 kgs.

Merio gimbals integrated into ST Engineering new products displayed at Singapore Air Show #gimbal #defence #airshow…

Merio participera ce mercredi 15 janvier à la table ronde industrie "Nos amis les drones", organisée dans le cadre…

2020, a year full of new projects. Merio team wishes you all the best ! #defense #gimbals #uav #aircrafts