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Happy New Year 2019

The evergrowing Merio team wishes you happiness, good health and success in all of your ventures. May 2019 be an excellent one !

2018 REVIEWS - TRENDS 2019

After a great start in 2017 with the introduction of the TEMIS XL, 2018 was even more productive with the launch of the TEMIS XL14, XL16 and XL19 as well as the VIPER unit and the GCS software.

Why this new products? All those new devices have an enhanced multi-sensors functionality with an improved night vision capacity with lenses from 50 to 100 mm and an optional integrated laser range finder (LRF) and laser pointer.

As a result, this range, still very light and compact, offers a short to medium distance (5km) observation capacity.  

The VIPER allows an easy integration of the gimbals by video stream conversion on Ethernet (two simultaneous video stream output) and provide embedded image processing functionalities such as real-time, automatic detection, target tracking, digital stabilisation...

The final product is an embedded system up to the industry standards for all type of integrations, even encrypted data transmission.

With the GCS software, Merio offers a ground control station for observation, images collection (with meta data), sensors and gimbals control.

After importing area map, the user can geographically locate the device, identify the surveillance area on the ground, perform tracking and geotracking and manage “hot spots”…

Merio offers a global observation solution with some of the most compact devices on the market, answering the need of most demanding applications and maintenance-free (uncooled IR sensors).


Our main goal is to meet the needs of the field: we focus on improving night-vision performances with the integration of HD resolution IR sensors and long distance (10km) cooled camera. We are planning on updating the GCS software with additional mission functionalities.

How to keep up with us ?

From February, we are organising live demonstrations at our workshop for you to understand the full extend of our products use and adaptabilities.

Merio will also be present at SOFINS, DSEI and Milipol in Paris.


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Merio design and produce high performances gyrostabilised gimbal of less than 10 kgs.

Merio gimbals integrated into ST Engineering new products displayed at Singapore Air Show #gimbal #defence #airshow…

Merio participera ce mercredi 15 janvier à la table ronde industrie "Nos amis les drones", organisée dans le cadre…

2020, a year full of new projects. Merio team wishes you all the best ! #defense #gimbals #uav #aircrafts