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Temis L20 high resolution
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Temis L20 high resolution

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The gimbal TEMIS L20 XGA is a unique offer on the market, with classical EO full HD optical continouous zoom x30 and IR sensor high definition 1024x768px with dual FOV lens (35/100mm) and LRF and laser pointer. Main dimensions 20cm sphere and just above 3 kgs. The top for uncooled based multi-sensors gyro stabilised gimbal !

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Merio design and produce high performances gyrostabilised gimbal of less than 10 kgs.

Merio gimbals integrated into ST Engineering new products displayed at Singapore Air Show #gimbal #defence #airshow…

Merio participera ce mercredi 15 janvier à la table ronde industrie "Nos amis les drones", organisée dans le cadre…

2020, a year full of new projects. Merio team wishes you all the best ! #defense #gimbals #uav #aircrafts