Merio - The new TEMIS gyrostabilised gimbal at Eurosatory 2018 - TEMIS XL19


The new TEMIS gyrostabilised gimbal at Eurosatory 2018 - TEMIS XL19
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The new TEMIS gyrostabilised gimbal at Eurosatory 2018 - TEMIS XL19

MERIO present in Eurosatory the most advanced model of its new range of gyrostabilised gimbals, the TEMIS XL19.

The TEMIS XL19 is derived from the TEMIS XL, which weighs less than 1kg including EO, IR and laser pointer sensors, making it the best seller for mini drones application.

The TEMIS XL19 is designed for more powerful platforms while remaining lightweight and compact. Thanks to the significant growth of its R&D department, MERIO has succeeded to host not less than 5 sensors inside the TEMIS XL19 for a weight close to 2kgs:
- EO sensor,
- 2 IR sensors (W-FOV and N-FOV),
- LRF and
- laser pointer.

The advantage of dual FOV gimbal allows avoiding “periscope” effect, commuting from W-FOV to N-FOV depending on the distance of the target: « Dual -FOV functionality makes a difference for the operators, it allows to make IR channel closer to the performances of the EO channel», says Rémi PLENET, CEO

In addition to high-level long range observation performances, the TEMIS XL19 provides excellent image quality thanks to rigorous sensors and optics selection before integration.

Indeed, the complete range of TEMIS gimbals, now composed of 6 models, provide exceptional modularity and large choice of options allowing easy customisation
of the configuration upon customers requirements: sensors, lens, LRF and pointers… as well as control units and real-time image processing modules. Each model in the range has been designed to offer optimised performance/weight ratio.
The TEMIS XL19 has already been awarded a contract by one Armed Forces in Europe for operational deployment next summer, when the TEMIS XL16 shows a lot of attraction power to drones manufacturers for ongoing programs.
With this wide offer covering multiple applications and platform, MERIO is going to speed-up its international presence already started with partners in Eastern Europe, India and South-East Asia mainly.
Eurosatory 2018 EDEN pavillon Hall 6-GF 567

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